Mixed Rice Bowl

rice or noodles topped with 9 toppings which include bean sprout, shitake mushrooms, spinach, lettuce, carrots, radish, cucumber, zucchini, egg.

Choose a protein and sauce.
Choice of: white rice, brown rice, or sweet potato glass noodles
Choice of: gochujang (Korean traditional red pepper paste), teriyaki, sesame soy, or spicy sweet mayo

– Bulgogi Bibimbap $11.55
grilled thinly sliced rib eye beef

– Jehyuk Bibimbap $10.55
stir-pan fried spicy pork

– Chicken Bibimbap $10.55
organic chicken sliced breast

– Tofu Bibimbap $10.55
organic golden seared tofu


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Signature Salads

– Mandu Salad $11.50
6 pieces fried homemade vege dumplings with carrots, onion, organic mixed greens, romaine, cucumber, cabbage and serving house sesame soy dressing

– Tofu Salad $11.50
organic golden seared tofu, organic mixed greens, onion, romaine, cabbage, bell pepper, tomatoes, sliced almonds with extra virgin olive soy dressing


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Over seasoned rice with protein and assorted vegetables

– Japchae Deopbap $11.50
sweet potato glass noodles with rib eye beef

– Bulgogi Deopbap $12.50
grilled thinly sliced soy marinated beef

– Tofu Beoseot Deopbap (for vegetarian) $12.50
organic tofu and various mushrooms

– Jayuk Kimchi Deopbap $11.50
stir-fried spicy pork with kimchi

– Japchae Tofu Deopbap (for vegetarian) $11.50
sweet potato glass noodles with golden seared tofu


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Small dishes & more special

– Mandu (dumpling)
made by hand in our kitchen. 6 pieces fried or steamed dumplings
Beef or vege $6
Shrimp or kimchi with pork $7

– Vege Spring Rolls $6
2 crispy spring rolls filled with vegetables

– Wang Kimchi Buns $6
3 steamed buns inside Kimchi, Pork and vegetables

– Ganpuongki $12.50
boneless chicken slice, battered and deep fried tossed in a sweet spicy sauce

– Spicy Chicken Wings $11.50
10 pieces fried chicken with carrot sticks & celery, ranch dressing for dip


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White rice


Brown rice

Miso Soup






Matcha unswtnd green tea

Golden unswtnd oolong tea

Red Bull/Sugar-free

Bottle Water


Diet Coke










Sapporo (22oz can)

Soju Cocktail Slushie
Flavors: Yogurt, Lychee, Peach, Strawberry, Melon, Apple



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